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Arts & Humanities

Are you an artist or an entrepreneur? Are you steeped in the humanities? Do you love history? Can't get enough of English classes? Perhaps you want to continue your studies in communication?

Maybe you want to combine all these subjects and earn your Bachelor of General Studies degree majoring in Arts/Humanities.  Perhaps you want to take courses that will prepare you to apply for graduate school.  This block includes subjects from 10 different departments and schools.

Arts (Block 1)                       

  • Dance                                        
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts
  • Moving Images Arts
  • Design

Humanities (Block 6)

  • Communications
  • English
  • History
  • Honors (if a member)
  • Humanities
  • Modern Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology 480

Upon entering University College with coursework from the above disciplines, you can count your hours towards fulfilling the Bachelor of General Studies degree requirements. If you meet pre-requisite, co-requisite and University catalog requirements for further studies in the above subject matter, you may continue to take courses in these areas - ultimately earning you a major in Arts & Humanities. See individual department course listings found in the University Catalog.

Visit the University Course Catalog for course descriptions. Don’t be afraid to cross disciplines and see all this group of subjects has to offer. You’ll get excited about your future in an arts/humanities field.

Arts & Humanities Enrichment

If you choose the Arts (Block 1) & Humanities (Block 6) as one of your areas of Enrichment, you will be required to complete 12 hours at 100-400 level. You may then decide if you want to designate Arts or Humanities as your major.

Finish Your Degree Online

If you were previously a student at UL Lafayette or another university and you have more than 45 credit hours, you may be able to complete the Arts/Humanities block curriculum and earn your General Studies degree online.