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The 120-hour Bachelor of General Studies degree is composed of the following components:

Core Curriculum General Education Requirements

The core curriculum includes 39 credit hours.

Subject Credit Hours Notes
English 12

3 hours must be literature and may be a foreign literature; 3 hours must be either communication, writing, or acting *

Math 6

3 hours must be college algebra; 3 hours must be a non-algebra Math *


3 Any History, except Hist 490
Science 9

Combination of biological sciences and physical sciences, with 2 courses from the same subject *

Behavioral Sciences 6

3 hours must be at the 200 level or higher; Select from anthropology, criminal justice, political science, psychology, sociology, geography, economics 202, 201 or 300

Arts 3

Must be chosen from Danc, Music, Theater or Visual Arts *

* Consult your advisor, and refer to the University catalog for information regarding approved core/General Education courses

Enrichment Electives

In this section of the degree, the word “electives” can be a bit deceiving.  These classes that you elect (electives) are designed to enrich (enrichment) you in different groups of subjects.  We call those groups of subjects "blocks." (Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Applied Sciences, Business Studies).

This 36 hours of Enrichment Electives consists of 12 hours from 3 different blocks as listed above.  You can complete coursework in any combination of subjects within that block. The idea is that you get “enriched” by exploring different disciplines - find out where your interests lie, what your strengths are, and which classes are a hit for you!  These 36 hours can be 100-400 level courses. 

Once you decide where your interests lie, or what you want to major in, you choose one of your three (3) Enrichment Blocks as your major (concentration area).

Concentration Area (Major)

In your major/area of concentration, you are required to complete 24 hours at the 300 OR 400 level - with a “C” or better. Again, this coursework may consist of any combination of subjects within that block - to whatever degree you choose to take courses in a particular subject. See all of our blocks.  


What's left? Your free electives! This is where you are free to choose where your coursework will come from — any block. We have a couple of stipulations.

In University College, we place a high value on our students' oral and written communication skills; therefore, you must complete an advanced writing course. You will also be required to complete at least one computer intensive class (UNIV 200 or an approved substitution). Your advisor will guide you in making these course selections toward the fulfillment of degree requirements and your preparation for workforce demands. 

Many students use this area (electives) to meet pre-requisite requirements for coursework they want to complete in their area of concentration or to get further enrichment in another block. If you are pursuing a minor, this is where you may apply additional coursework to meet requirements for that minor.

Other Requirements

GPA requirements

Concentration area: 2.0
Overall Adjusted GPA: 2.0 required for graduation

Upper Level Requirements

Within the 120 hours required to complete your Bachelor of General Studies, you will want to make sure that you meet certain upper level requirements before you graduate. Your degree requires that you complete at least 12 hours at the 400 level and at least 33 hours at the 300 or 400 level. Total Upper Level classes minimum requirements = 45 hours.

Keep in mind that you will be completing 24 hours at the 300 or 400 level just in your area of concentration. You may choose to complete your 400 level coursework in your major area of study (Concentration area), in another area of enrichment (Enrichment Electives), or in your free Electives (Electives). You may also work any MINOR offered at UL into this degree.


There are over 75 minors offered at UL Lafayette.  You may incorporate the requirements of any minor offered on campus into your Bachelor of General Studies degree.  Minors consist of at least 18 hours of study and are designated by the College that administers the minor.  We encourage you to begin thinking about your minor as soon as you enter the University.  See the full list of minors offered at UL Lafayette.


There are  restrictions and/or residency requirements which apply.

  • UL Lafayette Residency Requirements: You must complete the final 30 hours of your degree as a student enrolled in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  See your General Studies Academic Advisor for further information.
  • College of Education Residency Requirements: If you transfer from the College of Education to University College, and have less than 24 hours required to complete your Bachelor of General Studies degree, you must either receive a waiver of residency from the College of Education, or complete 24 hours as a General Studies student.  See your General Studies Academic Advisor for further information.
  • College of Business restriction: You can apply 30 hours maximum from the College of Business toward a degree in another college at UL Lafayette. See your General Studies Academic Advisor for further information.
  • Junior College/Community Colleges: You can apply a maximum of 60 hours from a junior or community college toward a degree at UL Lafayette.

Note: Refer to the current Undergraduate University Catalog for individual college residency requirements, course restrictions, pre-requisites and co-requisites. You may apply coursework  toward a Bachelor of General Studies that you have previously completed in another college (i.e., College of Education, College of Nursing); however, once you change your major from that college, you may be unable to continue taking coursework within those disciplines.