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Prospective Students

Do you not fit the mold for other degree programs offered on campus?

We seek to meet your unique needs as a student. Perhaps, for a variety of reasons, you may benefit from a degree of flexibility and curriculum enrichment not found in other programs offered by the University. 

Our degree program provides special appeal to independent minded students, mature students returning to college with new interests, those of you who are changing your major late in your academic career, and those of you attending school at night or irregularly. Our mission is to keep you in college and facilitate your personal investment in coursework which meets your specific career endeavors.  Freshmen can major in General Studies with permission of the Dean of University College.

A Bachelor of General Studies is an interdisciplinary degree - in that, you are given the opportunity to explore different disciplines, different majors, minors, concentrations, groups of subjects, whatever you may choose to name it. Simply put, as a student in University College, all subject matter that is offered on campus is available to you, to one degree or another. 

There are no specific General Studies classes. Available to you are the same classes everyone else on campus is taking (depending on the University Catalog course pre-requisites/co-requisites you meet and at what stage in your academic career you come to us). We simply group subjects into 5 different blocks.

Those blocks or groups of subjects are:

  • Block 1: Arts
  • Block 2: Natural Sciences
  • Block 3: Behavioral Sciences
  • Block 4: Applied Sciences
  • Block 5: Business Studies
  • Block 6: Humanities

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Finish Your Degree Online

Interested in earning your degree online? If you started college (in any major at any university) but didn't finish, you may be eligible to complete a bachelor's degree in general studies online if you have earned at least 45 credit hours. Learn more about completing your General Studies Online.

$380 per-credit-hour, flat-rate tuition.

FInancial Aid for qualifying students.

Support from application and admissions to graduation.