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Business Studies

Is the world of business and technology calling you? Are you good with numbers or love computers? Do you want to own, manage and/or market a business? The wide range of coursework in this block will equip you with the knowledge you need to enter the ever-expanding business world. Perhaps a minor in Accounting, Professional Sales, Management, or Legal Studies is appropriate for you.

Subjects included in the Business Studies block are:

Accounting, Business Law, Business Systems, Analysis, and Technology, CMCN 301, CMCN 320, CMCN 330, CMCN 414, Computer Science, DSGN 310, Economics, ENGL 357, Finance, GEOG 322, Health Services Administration, HIST 361, Hospitality Management, Informatics, Insurance, Management, Marketing, MLSC 101, MLSC 301, MLSC 302, Organizational Leadership, PLRM 310, PLRM 375, PLRM 376, PLRM 475, PSYC 310, Quantitative Methods, or courses transferred from: Health Information Management, Louisiana Center for Health Informatics.

Note:  A maximum of 30 hours can be applied from the College of Business Administration towards your Bachelor of General Studies degree. Courses excluded from that 30-hour limit are:

  • QMET 251
  • QMET 352
  • CMCN 301, 320, 330 & 414
  • ENGL 357
  • Louisiana Center Health Informatics courses (LCHI)
  • Informatics courses (INFX)
  • Computer Science (CMPS)
  • ECON 202
  • ECON 201 or ECON 300 (not both)
  • MLSC 301 & 302
  • Health Information Management courses (HIM)
  • Health Services Administration courses (HSA)
  • Organizational Leadership (ORGL)
  • PSYC 310

Upon entering the University College with coursework from the above disciplines, you can count your hours towards fulfilling the Bachelor of General Studies degree requirements. If you meet pre-requisite, co-requisite and University catalog requirements for further studies in the above subject matter, you may continue to take courses in these areas - ultimately earning you a major in Business Studies. See individual department course listings found in the University Catalog. 

Visit the University Course Catalog for course descriptions. Don’t be afraid to cross disciplines and see all this group of subjects has to offer. You’ll get excited about your future in a business studies field.

Business Studies Enrichment:

By choosing Business Studies as one of your areas of enrichment, you will be required to complete 12 hours at 100-400 level.  You may then decide if you want to designate Business Studies as your major.

Visit: to get full course descriptions for the subject matter you chose from the Business Studies Block.