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Behavioral Sciences

Do you like to study the emotional and social development of people? Are you interested in humanitarian issues? Do you see law school in your future, or maybe an alternative certification in teaching?

The Behavioral Sciences block hosts a broad range of subjects to choose from:

Anthropology, BIOL 303, BLAW 430, CAFS/HDFS 243, CAFS/HDFS 323, CAFS/HDFS 440, Communicative Disorders, Communication, Criminal Justice, DSGN 362, ECON 201 or 300 (not both), ECON 202, ECON 409, ECON 413, ENGL 359, Geography, Health, HIST 325, HIST 363, HIST 367, HIST 384, HIST 395, Kinesiology (KNES not KNEA), MGMT 350, MGMT 365, MGMT 380, MKTG 355, MLSC 101, MLSC 301, MLSC 302, Organizational Leadership, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, Sociology or courses transferred from: EDFL, EDCI, IRED, SPED or Library Science

Upon entering the University College with coursework from the above disciplines, you can count your hours towards fulfilling the Bachelor of General Studies degree requirements. If you meet pre-requisite, co-requisite and University catalog requirements for further studies in the above subject matter, you may continue to take courses in these areas - ultimately earning you a major in Behavioral Sciences. See individual department course listings found in the University Catalog.

Visit the University Course Catalog for course descriptions. Don’t be afraid to cross disciplines and see all this group of subjects has to offer. You’ll get excited about your future in a behavioral science field.

Behavioral Science Enrichment:

If you choose Behavioral Sciences as one of your areas of enrichment, you will be required to complete 12 hours at 100-400 level. You may then decide if you want to designate Behavioral Sciences as your major.

Complete Your Degree Online

If you were previously a student at UL Lafayette or another university and completed more than 45 credit hours, you may be able complete the Behavioral Sciences block curriculum and earn your General Studies degree online.